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Hospital History

Tippah County Hospital

The Tippah County Hospital admitted its first patient in April, 1950.  The land site was the first approved in the Nation under the Hill-Burton Act.  The hospital was the second opened in Mississippi and probably the second in the Nation under the Hill-Burton Act. The hospital is owned by Tippah County and the management is vested in a seven member Board of Trustees appointed by the Tippah County Board of Supervisors.  These men are prominent business and professional men of the county and serve without pay.

The Board of Trustees is the final authority for the operation of the hospital and the policies are established by the Board.  The Board of Trustees elects an Administrator, who is directly responsible to the Board for carrying out hospital policies.  Any matter requiring the attention of the Board will be brought before them by the Administrator.  It is considered improper for an employee to contact a Board member without the knowledge of the Administrator.

The hospital opened with forty beds.  Private rooms providing eleven more beds and some other facilities were added in 1958 with the aid of the Hill-Burton Funds.  Another addition opened in 1967 with the aid of Hill-Burton Funds, adding twenty-eight private beds, and bringing the rated capacity to eighty beds.  In addition to beds, there were new Dietary, Laboratory, X-ray, Housekeeping and other ancilliary facilities.

A Long Term Care Unit of forty beds was opened for use in 1969.  This unit was also build with the aid of Hill-Burton Funds.